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Seasonal freelance positions with DMC Denmark

Every cruise season from May to September DMC Denmark employs several hundred people on a freelance basis to assist with service- & hospitality tasks for visiting cruise guests in Copenhagen.

For these jobs DMC is always looking for:

• People who can communicate fluently and efficiently in English
• People who can represent DMC in a professional and service-minded manner
• People who can solve their assigned tasks independently, efficiently and with a smile
• People who can make cruise guests feel welcome and well taken care of
• People who are flexible enough to deal with the ever-changing nature of the job
• People who can think on their feet and take charge of an unexpected situation

All that is required of you is that you have a Danish CPR-number and tax card and that you can provide your own black suit and shoes for uniform clothing

If you would like to learn more and be considered for freelance work with DMC you are welcome to send an application to and name it ‘Freelance work’.

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