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  • ABBA Museum - Walk In, Dance Out

    ABBA Museum - Walk In, Dance Out

  • Ales Stenar, Ystad

    Ales Stenar, Ystad

  • Amazing Northern Lights

    Amazing Northern Lights

  • Amazing Sculptures of Milllesgården

    Amazing Sculptures of Milllesgården

  • Bohus Castle Ruins, Gothenburg

    Bohus Castle Ruins, Gothenburg

  • Charming Sigtuna Village

    Charming Sigtuna Village

  • Cruise the Stockholm Waterways

    Cruise the Stockholm Waterways

  • Cruising the Göta Canal

    Cruising the Göta Canal

  • Discover Swedish Lapland

    Discover Swedish Lapland

  • Elegant Drottningsholm Palace

    Elegant Drottningsholm Palace

  • Fantastic Stockholm Subway

    Fantastic Stockholm Subway

  • Foteviken Viking Village, Scania

    Foteviken Viking Village, Scania

  • Gothenburg Waterfront

    Gothenburg Waterfront

  • Grave Stone Setting of Gotland

    Grave Stone Setting of Gotland

  • Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred

    Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred

  • Hallwylska Museum, Stockholm

    Hallwylska Museum, Stockholm

  • Historic Lund University, Scania

    Historic Lund University, Scania

  • Kalmar Castle, Småland

    Kalmar Castle, Småland

  • Marstrand Town and Fortress

    Marstrand Town and Fortress

  • Old Town of Visby

    Old Town of Visby


Whether it’s business or pleasure taking you to Sweden be sure to take time out during your visit to experience all the great sights and experiences that make Sweden a destination with a difference!

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DMC Sweden offers sightseeing programs for Stockholm and for the rest of Sweden as well. Whether you are just looking for a single familiarization tour of Stockholm or a fully developed sightseeing program of several days duration, DMC can offer tailor-made programs that ensure you a comprehensive experience and a great time.

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